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Business Activities

VDA-QMC Quality Management Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Quality Management Center representative office in China, founded since August 2005, approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) to become a quality training company, and started operations in 2006.

VDA QMC China major the following aspects:

1.Enterprise qualitymanagement training.This business includes VDA relevant auditstandards and methods  related tools, training and provide enterprises with a party and second partyauditor qualification training.The most representative training as VDA6.3 Process Audittraining.

2.For enterprises to provide qualityadvice and guidanceservices.In the current market environment,the various enterprises according to their owncircumstances and needshave their different needs.In the application of qualitytools and methods as well as the auditofa variety of problems exist in the process.In this case, we will provide customers with on-site counseling and guidanceservices to help customers more effectively understand and apply relevant methodsand tools.

3.To provide enterprises with simulated auditservices.Authorized by the customer, we can provide customers with professionalauditservices to help customers analyzeand discoverthat may arise duringthe auditissues to preparefor theformalaudit, thus saving customersenergy,and improve the discovery of the problemas soon as possible.

4.ISO/TS16949 Certification Body (CB) auditor business. This business includesa) ISO/TS16949 third party auditortraining and examinations.b)tripartiteorganizationauditorADPexam.c) Implementation of witnessaudittasks.

VDA QMC China as a only subsdiary of VDA in China has instant access to the latest technical standards from the German head quarters andin a timely mannerto provide customers withthe same quality and Germannative training and services.