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About us

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) with head office in Berlin nationally and internationally promotes the interests of the entire German automotive industry in all fields of the motor transport sector, for example in economic, transport and environmental policy, technical legislation, standardization and quality assurance. In addition, the VDA organizes, under its own auspices, the IAA International Motor Show, which is held every year. The IAA Passenger Cars is held in odd-numbered years and in even-numbered years it is the turn of the IAA Commercial Vehicles.
The VDA currently has more than 600 member companies. The members are companies that operate a plant in Germany for the industrial production of motor vehicles, trailers, body structures, containers and vehicle parts and accessories.

VDA-QMC Quality Management Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the headquarter of the China subsidiary and acts in China on behalf of VDA-QMC Germany.  It received the CNCA approval August 2005 as a quality training company and started operation in Beijing 2006. In 2008, the Shanghai office was opened.

The mission of VDA-QMC China is to become the first partner of OEMs, suppliers, industry associations and universities in the quality management of automobile related industry in China.

8 advantages and strengths of VDA-QMC China services

1) The VDA methods and requirements (VDA Standards) are developed in VDA work groups which consist of most experienced OEM und supplier experts
2) These standards & methods define the „state of the art“ of quality management in the German automotive industry; VDA work groups constantly further develop the standards
3) Slogan of VDA-QMC is “from best practice – for best practice”
4) Only VDA-QMC has genuine access to the latest revisions of VDA books/trainings and knowledge
5) Only VDA-QMC trainers are constantly informed and updated about training contents and training methods of the VDA
6) VDA-QMC can train, coach und support implementation of VDA methods for best practice.
7) Only VDA-QMC can provide a consistent set of automotive QM-Systems and methods
8) VDA methods and qualifications have a high acceptance among German OEMs and beyond and are defined by many companies as customer specific requirements

       Public Trainings

We offer regular in Beijing & Shanghai forward-looking professional development in a comfortable seminar atmosphere. It is important to us that our seminars consist of comparatively small groups of participants and that we conduct all of our events in the best possible instructor-participant dialog. At our place you won’t find any university lectures in auditoriums or lecture halls. Instead we offer the active and direct relation to each seminar participant by working in small groups and on practical case studies.

Service and Carting

You will be comfortable at our place, and you will be able to expand and build up your knowledge in relaxed, positive surrounding. In our friendly cafeteria you can retire and converse without interruption, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet in a cultivated atmosphere. Smoking is allowed only on the outside.
In the seminar breaks we have a wide variety of warm and cold beverages, as well as fruit and pastries.
A good start after the lunch break is also well provided for: our friendly staff will provide you with a diversified warm buffet of seasonal and fresh products. Our complete service is naturally included in the seminar price.

Our trainer are all certified – from best practice – for best practice!

The success of every seminar depends on the instructors who are in charge of it, because the learning matter is only then really effective and can be put into practice, if the instructors live what they teach. As a logical consequence, you receive from us only branch-specific qualification from experienced
specialists and managers. Our selected and highly qualified instructors convey their well-founded and experience-based expert knowledge for the advancement of your quality management – independent of whether you are a large or small organization, manufacturer or supplier. We will make sure that in our seminars you receive the right answers to your questions. Your individual problem is the drive for our solution approach.

In House Training
VDA Training Directly in Your Organization – Flexible. Individual. Practical.
Of course we also offer our seminars as customized, cost-effective in-house trainings in your organization. Our offer is valid worldwide and also for further automotive-specific quality management topics that are not listed in this program.
Perhaps you would like your staff to work in training sequences on certain operating processes of your organization. Have you already defined a desired date?
Or, for the introduction of a new quality method, would you like to offer a kick-off training that would be attended exclusively by your staff and your supplier’s staff?
In-house trainings are an interesting offer for your organization, especially from the economic viewpoint:
  + No additional travel time for your employees.
  + Traveling and accommodation costs usually do not apply for the participants.
  + The seminar fees are reduced through the use of own resources (e.g. rooms and equipment).
Your requests are our motivation:
  + Seminar, training, examination, implementation in practice?
  + China, Germany, Europe, or worldwide?
  + Chinese, English, or another language?
Talk to us.
We would be glad to inform and advise you of all the possibilities of in-house training and to prepare an individual offer for you according to your request. If you are interested, a fine-tuning of the contents can be done in a preliminary talk with a VDA trainer.

Tailor made services
Tailor made Consulting / Coaching / Assessment Service

As Quality Management Center of VDA, we provide professional service to OEMs and Suppliers. Based on the newest knowledge from VDA QMC Germany, and the efficient practice experience from German OEM and Supplier, we can provide the best service to our customer. If you need any consulting, onsite coaching, assessment or any other automotive industry related service based on your current situation, please contact us. We are glad to help you to evaluate your current status, and provide you the best

Management Feedback
Feedback is important, also for the managers
The purpose of the trainings is to transfer the knowledge from our Trainer to you. It is also important to let the attendees and the managers know:
  + Do you really learned something through the training
  + Are you able to implement the knowledge efficiently in your organization
  + Which kind of improvement do you need in the future, how to do the improvement
This kind of feedback may help you for your further development, and can really help you to improve your work in your organization.
If you need further support for your work, please also do not hesitate to contact us.

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