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Membership Introduction

Join VDA QMC China
VDA QMC China welcomes members from automotive related industry and service. VDA QMC China provides members a unique platform with a focus on Quality Management where members may meet their partners, competitors and customers, exchange ideas and experience together, develop solutions for common issues and finally enhance the Quality Management of the firms.

Membership Benefits


- Members receive discount on VDA standards (red & blue books), events and industrial

 trainings of VDA QMC China.


- Members have opportunities to take part in between the VDA QMC China company

 community exchange.


- Get the current VDA news from Germany about the German and Europe automotive

 industry and activities.

- Get the newest information regarding actual statistics and market trends of automobile

 industry in China.

- Monthly VDA QMC China Newsletter.


- Genuine access to the latest firsthand knowledge and qualification based on the VDA

 Germany automotive experiences


- “From best practice – for best practice”, high acceptance among German OEMs and


Certificate- Get a VDA QMC China membership certificate with your company name.
Advertising- Members receive discounts on advertising in the website of VDA-QMC China.
Presentation- Your Company can be represented in our membership online list (optional).

Membership Dues

Membershipis granted for a period of one year upon payment of annual dues. The day of the payment of membership dues is referred to the begin of annual membership.VDA-QMC annual membership dues are non-refundable. Membership is not transferable.

Annual membership fee is 12720RMB (incl. 6%VAT).

for registration please contact:

Please remit the payment to our following account:
Beneficiary account Number: 340256013467
Beneficiary Name: VDA-QMC Quality Management Center (Beijing) Co. Ltd
Beneficiary’s Bank: Bank of China Beijing Sub-branch Landmark Towers
SWIFT code: 245
Upon your order and payment we will send you the books to the address you remarked.