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1st VDA QMC Automotive SPICE® Conference China

2018-03-12 18:16:11

Dearautomotive Q-Managers, Executives and Automotive SPICE® Experts,

VDA QMC has organized the Automotive SPICE® Conference (SYS®) since 2010 in Germany.To support the high-speed growth of China Automotive Industry, to face the future challenge of the electric vehicle /Connected /Automatic /Autonomous Driving,and also to deal with the growing recall risk of electronic parts, VDA QMC China is organizing the 1st VDA QMC Automotive SPICE® Conference China in regards of process assessments and improvement for Automotive software-based systems on April 11th-12th, in Shanghai.

We are more than happy to have our Automotive SPICE® Chief Expert from VDA QMC: Dr. Morenzin to introduce the new VDA Guidelines, Prof. Hindel CEO of Method Park willpresent how to Solve Challenges of OEM and Supplier with A SPICE®, DPAC(AQSIQ) who will share their viewsfrom the governmental management perspective, and the German OEM & Supplier to share their experience and requirements in the whole supplychain, as well as the most Well-known experts to share their know-how, for more Details sees Agenda in attach.

Therefore, we would like to invite the experts, who are engaged in software and Automotive SPICE® project, Automotive SPICE® Assessors, and the as the auditors of IATF 16949 /VDA 6.3, as well as the executives who are responsible for this field, to participate our event. Please save the Date, and we will offer you a early bird discount (2500 RMB/Person), if you can register your participation before Mar. 26th (after then the Entrance Fee will be 3000 RMB/Person). Detailed Information for this event pleasesees the attachment. We are looking forward to see you there by then! Drive with us into your future!

For any questions or registration:

Conference Agenda: 20180403_ASPICE_EN_Conference.pdf.pdf

Email: /Tel.: (0086) 400-0650770

And we will keep to update our Agenda hier: click for check

If you are interested in joining in as a sponsor, please contact:
Mr. Xiaogang TIAN, Automotive SPICE® Special Task
Tel: 010-6590 0067 -215