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Training Service

German Automotive Industry Association of Quality Management Center, as the German VDA standards organizations to develop and training institutions want to understand the world, and in the enterprise implementation, application of the standard to provide quality training and consulting services. To enable customers to truly understand and correctly apply the standard.

Our center providing our customers with a variety of optional programs related training services.

1. Public Training, customers can choose wishing to participate in training and training time according to our center to register. In the open class training, students have the opportunity and trainees from other companies to communicate, organize training enterprises can save energy.

2. Corporate Training, customers and our trainers can communicate by our trainers to your organization's Corporate Training site. In-house training, students can be targeted to the trainer to ask questions to help students a deep understanding of the training content, and the implementation situation of the unit.

3. Customized training, when companies have needs, we can also provide businesses with customized training, training in addition to the standard integration into the enterprise's own requirements and needs, so that enterprises can better meet their management.